Safety and Efficiency the key behind 40ft Rail Liners by James Williamson

Safety and efficiency were the two words on everyone’s mind with the recent arrival of two 40ft Rail Liners to Porthaul’s new container packing facility in Portland.

The MaxiTrans built rail liners have been designed on the footprint of the existing A-Double skels being used by Porthaul, to enable full access to their existing permits.

Increased safety and efficiency has been met by the in-built roof restrain system, which allows for a quicker loading and unloading process, while also eliminating the need for drivers to use hand binders.


Porthaul attends Incitec Pivot Jobs Fair by James Williamson

Porthaul attended a Jobs Fair for the recently redundant workers of IPL Portland.

Discussing with the redundant workers any potential positions within Porthaul and supporting contractors, the former IPL employees welcomed the news that Porthaul would be willing to provide training and upskilling for those that were interested in joining the transport industry.

In what was a strong show of solidarity within the community, there were several other industry related businesses in attendance.

Jobs Fair IPL.jpg

Rollover Prevention and Fatigue Management Course by James Williamson

Porthaul played host to a strong turnout of heavy vehicle operators, with the focus on crash reduction and fatigue.

25 voluntary participants from throughout the Green Triangle took part in the event. The event which consisted of a presentation, questions and lunch to discuss further topics, was labelled as ‘productive and rewarding’ by the host of the day, Mr Alan Pincott, of Australian Trucking Safety Services and Solutions.

Porthaul maintains a strong focus on safety of both its employees and other road users, and this is another case of Porthaul leading from the front!

ATSSS Toolbox Meeting.png

FreightMate Program set for launch! by James Williamson

The FreightMate program, a partnership between South West TAFE and Porthaul, will be officially launched on JANUARY 13 after three years of planning and campaigning.

The program will deliver accredited driver training and is expected to reach 50 people in its first two years. 

The two year traineeship program will be delivered in partnership with South West Institute of TAFE and include intensive workshops and structured on the job training.


LET THE TOUR BEGIN! by James Williamson

Porthaul this year will get behind the TOUR OF THE GREAT SOUTH COAST. A popular Bicycle Race thoughout our beautiful Great South Coast. Be Sure to check out the action and watch out for the PORTHAUL Sponsored"Aggressive Rider Awards".

Porhaul Civil Nominated for Earth Awards by James Williamson

Porthaul Civil were nominated for the highly recognised CCF Earth Awards this week. The project was the Local Glenelg Shire Boat Ramp, which was completed earlier this year. A Big thank you for all that was involved in making this such a successful project.

The CCF Earth Awards recognise companies within the Victorian civil sector who have been involved in a project that demonstrates excellence and innovation in the fields of construction, project and environmental management.