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The professional team at Porthaul can handle all of your bulk logistic requirements through out the entire transport process. We operate a large fleet of vehicles including 19m & 25m B Doubles, PBS Truck and 5, 4 and 3 axle dogs, Semi tippers, Steel  bodied truck and trailers & Rock trucks.

Portland is home to the largest natural deep seaport in Victoria, which is principally used to import and export fertilisers, aluminium ingots, woodchips, logs and livestock.

Over the better half of 20 Years, We have utilised the Port of Portland, primarily assisting in the discharge of fertilisers to various institutions such as Incitec Pivot and abroad.

Porthaul provides various agricultural services for farmers and businesses victoria-wide. Our company is involved in delivering fertilisers to both farmers and spreading contractors, providing a reliable service in even the toughest conditions.

This is assisted by Porthaul’s extensive fleet of vehicles that are fitted with a GPS Navigational systems, helping to run a more effective, efficient and cost productive operation for the customer.

On-farm grain pickups at harvest time is another feature of Porthaul, including delivery to grain terminals and bunker transfers for various companies. 

In addition to these regular frieghts, Porthaul also have a fleet of specialised rock trucks to cart rougher and heavier types of materials, as well as licensed drivers and vehicles for the transport of bulk dangerous goods.

Porthaul has the capacity to transport anything in bulk that can be moved by road, and with its commitment to safety (Safety / Accreditation) Porthaul is continuously setting and achieving the highest of benchmarks in Bulk transport solutions.

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